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NO MARGARINE Zone for No-bake Cookies

PSA:  Please do not use margarine spreads as a substitution for butter in our no-bake recipes 

Hello Friends, thank you for being a Creation Nation customer and sharing your no-bake creations!!  We love that you love how customizable they are. But there is a substitution we want to warn does not work and why...

With our No-bake Cookie Mixes, where the recipe on our package calls for "butter," please do not substitute with margarine. Use dairy butter, ghee, or vegan butter that is coconut-oil based. As always, nut butters (peanut butter, almond butter etc) work great too!

Why not margarine? Because margarine is highly processed canola & soybean oil which is liquid and does not solidify when chilled. It only appears solid in it's container due to processing. Not all oils naturally solidify when cold, but you need this “binding” for no-bake cookies and protein balls to set when chilled. Margarine (especially "soft" or "spreadable") will usually not re-solidifyleaving your dough too wet and gooey to make no-bake cookies & balls. 

“The margarine production process consists of five sections: the oil phase with emulsifier preparation, the water phase, the emulsion preparation, pasteurization and crystallization.”

With hundreds of recipes on our package, blog and social media to enjoy, Creation Nation maintains a no margarine zone :)

xo Karen Nation

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