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No bake Superfood Cookies

Creation Nation's Superfood Cookie recipe is a family-favorite! So incredibly delicious, chocolatey, and simple it will become yours too! Added bonus, they’re Vegan, Paleo, and full of organic superfoods from our No-bake Mix.

Superfoods are nutrient-rich with health promoting properties. So why not enjoy their benefits in a delicious, chocolatey no-bake cookie for breakfast, a snack, or an evening treat? Creation Nation’s chocolate Energy Bite Mix contains superfoods like:  Organic Coconut, Organic Brazil Nut*, Organic Cocoa and Organic Flaxseed.

* Our brazil nut powder is from the heart of the Amazon, made purely from organic wildcrafted Brazil Nuts. This complete protein delivers a full-spectrum of amino acids, and Selenium (a crucial trace mineral that helps the body make its own antioxidant: Glutathione). Selenium, a rare mineral in foods, is linked to improved health, longevity, and thyroid support.

To make these Vegan, Paleo superfood cookies, you simply need to add water & date syrup (or maple) to our No-bake Mix. Then roll into bite-sized balls, and chill in the fridge for a firmer texture. Watch our 30-second recipe video here:


MIX, ROLL, HAVE A BALL! (Makes 24. Store sealed & chilled)

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