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What are Food Tribes?

What are Food Tribes, you ask?

Food Tribe is a community linked by common values and beliefs around food choices and nutrition. We are becoming a nation of these communities that are bound by not only what we eat, but also by the lifestyle choices that coincide. Our strong commitment often communicates the deepest values of the food revolution. From niche to mainstream, you likely know someone who follows one or more tribes like...

There are many overlaps in values that unite these different Food Tribes, which is helping to create change in the food system, such as...

  • Protecting the environment
  • Buying ethical/ responsibly-produced food
  • Demanding transparency
  • Supporting local business
  • Buying whole, less-processed, nutrient rich foods
  • Reducing or eliminating sugars 
  • Seeking personalized solutions to well-being
  • Looking to food and lifestyle as medicine

Creation Nation empowers this movement of Food Tribes and helps you Hack Your Snack with a DIY Protein Bar Revolution

Following a primal lifestyle? Our vegetarian friendly Primal Protein Bar Mix, free of grain, gluten, soy + GMOs has your name on it! Packed with grass-fed whey protein, organic dried coconut, organic Brazil nut protein powder, organic golden flax seed meal, almonds + chocolate chips, our Whey Hip Chocolate Chip Primal Mix is sure to remind you of Grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies but without the gluten & sugar! Just add coconut oil, grass fed butter, or peanut butter to make them in minutes. No-bake, easy as a protein shake.

Vegan or plant-based Paleo sound more your style? We suggest you get your hands on some Vegan Protein Bar Mix! With zero grain, gluten, dairy + soy, you can create brownie-like bars that are filled with organic pea protein to keep satisfied for hours. Mix our Vegan Energy Bite Mix  with your favorite nut or seed butter (it's nut free and delicious with Sunflower Butter). Then roll into snack-able balls and pop ‘em back in our reusable bags for an energy boost on-the-go!

Perhaps you consider yourself Paleo, or are participating in the Whole30 program.  Look no further than our Paleo Energy Bite Mix that doesn’t contain grain, gluten, dairy, soy or sugar.  Mix with coconut oil or ghee to satisfy your Bulletproof and Keto routine!

Creation Nation empowers personalized nutrition for all. All of our no-bake Mixes are Vegetarian, Gluten Free GFCO and NonGMO Project Verified too! So no matter what Tribe you're vibin’ with these days, Creation Nation has a Protein Bar Mix to suit your needs! 

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