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Whole Foods Market + Creation Nation

When we think of natural, organic foods as a way of life, we automatically think of Whole Foods Market. And guess what?... it just got a little healthier because Creation Nation is now there toooo 

Creation Nation is BEYOND thrilled to have joined the list of amazing healthy products offered at Whole Foods!!

Whole Foods Market was completely ahead of its' time when it started back in 1980, but (thankfully) it was an instant hit! Since then, it's helped to shape the health foods industry into what it is today, giving natural foods brands an opportunity to be showcased in a supermarket format. 

Now owned by Amazon, they are growing into an even bigger force! If you haven't been there lately, you'll definitely want to check out all the beautiful upgrades and changes  

Our Mission

At Creation Nation, we understand you are not one size fits all. We love empowering you to make personalized, fresh, delicious bars & bites with endless possibilities that are easy & fun!

"I saw a problem that needed a solution - everything was stale (yet full of preservatives) and had a lot of sugars which I didn't want. That has been the state of the protein bar and energy bar market for a long time" - Karen Nation, Founder, via Food Navigator USA.

Our partnership with Whole Foods Market is SO exciting! We now have a bigger platform to showcase the new health-food category we put so much passion into creating.

Shop Creation Nation at Amazon as well! Click below to shop your favorite Creation Nation mixes on Amazon:

Look for Creation Nation no-bake protein bar mixes in the protein bar section of your local Whole Foods Market. If we're not yet carried at your favorite store, please print this letter and give it to your store manager to request. We are adding new stores all the time!

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