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3 DIY Kitchen Hacks for Healthy Eating

Nothing tastes better, or is better for you, than fresh! But making everything from scratch isn't always possible. So we've put together this quick list of our 3 Favorite DIY Kitchen Hacks so that fresh & healthy is more convenient than ever!

1. DIY Mixes

Nutritious Life featured Creation Nation in their article "Packaged Kitchen Hacks," as the first of 5 Healthy Food Trends to Watch For, and we certainly agree!

Creation Nation's No-bake Protein Bar Mixes require minimal added ingredients (like nut butter or coconut oil), but give you the freedom to experiment so your creations have endless possibilities. 

In minutes you can make protein balls, bars or bites for the week, at almost half the price of pre-made options, and without all the sugars, preservatives and unhealthy oils. Just pop them in the fridge and take them on the go as needed for a power breakfast or post-workout snack that tastes like homemade cookie dough!

2. Spa Water

There's no denying that good ol' H2O is superior above all other beverages, but sometimes you need a little more excitement in your life but don't want sugary sodas. That's why we loooove jazzing up sparkling mineral water, or any water for that matter.

This option saves money and avoids using bottled options with added flavoring, plus it's also easier than a countertop soda machine. Simply add your own delicious splash of real lemon or fruit to your glass!  Like @meowmeix cucumber or strawberry mint spa water. Yum! 

3. Easy homemade Almond Milk (or Cashew, Macadamia, Pecan, etc...)

Just blend 1/4 Cup of your favorite creamy nut butter (or coconut butter) + 3 to 4 Cups of water in your high-speed blender, and you'll have yourself a fresh, deliciously healthy plant-based milk without all the additives. No need for fancy equipment, or the time & mess of straining a nut milk bag!

Our favorites to use are Barney's Blanched "Bare Smooth" Almond Butter, and Artisana Organic's Raw Cashew or Raw Coconut Butter (both are unsalted). You can also add a dash of sweetness from honey or date syrup, and a pinch of spice like cinnamon or chai before blending. 

--- We live by the mantra that fresh is best. But this doesn't mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking and meal prepping. All you need is a little bit of help from empowering kitchen hacks. Fresh is best, and you deserve that! ---

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