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Celery Banana Fat Balls from Celery Juice Pulp

If you were lucky enough to get the last of the organic celery at your local grocery store, AND you found this blog post... then you are having a fortunate week! ;)

The Medical Medium's celery juicing craze is quite the phenomenon. Some of the claims are:

  • restores adrenals
  • neutralizes PH
  • flushes toxins from the liver
  • helps rid of harmful bacteria
  • clears acne & eczema
  • raises hydrochloric acid & helps the liver produce bile

To find out how it works, go to

If you are already onto celery juicing, you may now be wondering what to do with all that leftover pulp!... We've heard it's great for compost, baking veggie pulp crackers, and adding to broths, but we did something much more fun and made beautiful CELERY-NANA FAT BALLS!  

Simply add a little mashed banana & soft coconut oil, roll balls, then pop them in the fridge to firm up. They may seem a little soggy at first but the dry pulp absorbs the moisture from the banana and the coconut oil hardens when cold. 

They taste like tropical springtime, not so much like celery since most of that flavor is in the celery juice itself. 

You can also add any veggie pulp or nut pulp to our Protein Bar & Energy Bite Mixes for even more fiber, and to support a zero waste lifestyle. Check out our Carrot Pecan Cookie Dough Bites for more zero-waste, veggie pulp recipes!

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