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Creation Nation featured in Tasting Table

Thank you Tasting Table for featuring Creation Nation's healthy snacks and Shark Tank adventure! It was fun to share our story with you and your foodie fans :)). The Sharks loved Creation Nation, agreeing it was very tasty and fun, but so much more happened!... Get the scoop here:

Additional fun fact:  Barbara Corcoran and I were going in for a hug when the producers said "you have to stay 6ft apart!" (filmed in 2020 and aired in 2021). So I didn't get a hug from Queen Barbara, but I did get high praise and kindness when she said I remind her of herself! Barbara later shared some of our conversation on ABCs The Talk. She's amazing!

Fun fact #2:  Shark Tank producers have to approve photos of contestant’s clothing ahead of time, and they are pretty particular. Since stores were not open due to lockdowns, I ordered a jumpsuit online. It arrived 4 sizes too big and the wrong color, just days before filming! The Shark Tank crew had to use sewing pins to "tailor" it which were poking me during the show. Ouchie! After airing I got poked with jokes about looking like I'd broke out of prison. Lol, not far from true due to 10 days of a quarantine bubble prior to meeting the Sharks. Fashion fail, but luckily our fans are here for the snacks!

Check out the Tasting Table article for more more more. Our next replay is December 4th! xoxo Karen Nation, Founder

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