Vegan Protein Ball Brownies | Recipe Video

If you crave fresh, healthy snacks that taste like brownie batter, you've come to the right place! Whip up easy Vegan protein balls in minutes with Creation Nation's No-bake Protein Bar Mix, plus a little nut butter & syrup. Mix, roll, have a ball!

In addition to homemade deliciousness, our No-bake Mixes will save you money over pre-made options, and provide the cleanest ingredients like organic plant protein & superfoods. We use the only USA grown & manufactured pea protein, and NO grains, gluten or soy.

Check out our simple how-to recipe video:  No-bake Vegan Protein Ball Brownies. You'll need our "Peas Love & Cocoa" Protein Bar Mix + 3/4 cup water or milk + 1/4 cup nut butter + 1/3 cup syrup of choice (agave, maple, date, allulose...). Makes 24 protein balls!

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