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Hello Earth Day + Goodbye Protein Bar Wrappers


We should always respect our mother, including Mother EARTH. At Creation Nation, we value our Eco-Mission just as much as our commitment to empowering you with fresh and healthy, personalized nutrition. 
Conventional protein bars all have many things in common, and one is the dreaded… INDIVIDUAL WRAPPER that plagues our environment, one littered sidewalk at a time.

Did you know that every plastic wrapper you’ve ever opened is still around?

Yep, even the packaging of that old breakfast bar you ate on the bus ride to high school all those years ago…STILL HERE.

One thing that makes our Protein Bar & Energy Bite Mixes different? our packaging is REUSABLE!!  Simply set it aside and after you #HackYourSnack place the bars, balls or bites right back in the bag and seal ‘em up. Pretty nifty, eh? Their slim size makes it easy to slip in gym bags, purses, lunch boxes and backpacks. Stows discreetly in the refrigerator door too because it can stand up!

And because we love eco-friendly options --- here are a few more:

Food Storage Containers

Glass Food Storage Containers

These reusable glass containers are perfect for holding your DIY Protein Bars, Balls, and Bites. These lidded glass dishes will be your secret weapon to meal prep success!

Find Glass Food Storage Containers Here 




Sandwich bags with a twist --- its toxin free and replaces 500 plastic bags in its lifetime [that’s even more protein bar wrappers]!! Great for taking your creations on-the-go anywhere; plus they’re dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Grab Your Lunchskins Here 


Stasher Bags

Stasher Bags

With the ability to hold up to 10 Protein Bars, you’ll never want to use a single-use plastic wrapper again! Made of non-toxic silicone, these pouches are dishwasher safe and have a Pinch-loc ™ seal so you’ll never worry about Bars, Balls or Bites getting lost in your bag again.

Find Stasher Bags Here  


These eco-friendly options + many more can all be found on Amazon!
We'd like to thank YOU for making your own DIY Bars, Balls + Bites with our Protein Bar & Energy Bite Mixes! Together, we can each do our part to reduce the millions of individual wrappers that enter landfills & our environment daily.


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