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Raspberry Protein Balls with Nut Butter Filling

Ok wow, my mouth is watering just thinking about these nut butter infused Protein Balls with a delicious surprise inside!

Just when you thought your protein balls couldn't get any more delicious (I mean come on, filling? YUM!). This is one of the many reasons why DIY is the way to go. Your creations are limitless! Want to try these heavenly treats for yourself? Here's how!


To make these mouth watering protein balls

1. Follow the Original 1-2-3 on the back of any Creation Nation no-bake Protein Bar Mix, but roll larger balls.

2. Press thumb into the center, like a thumb pop!

3. Drop in your favorite creamy nut butter and pinch closed/ roll into balls again.

4. Dust with freeze-dried berry powder. 

Voila! Your delicious protein balls are ready to melt in your mouth, or share with loved ones! xoxo Creation Nation

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