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Fitness & Fun in the Kitchen

We're all about fitness & fun in the kitchen at Creation Nation! From the superior nutrition our No-bake Protein Bar Mixes provide, to your own personalization & process of making them, you can turn your kitchen into a FUNctional fitness facility for a few minutes. ;))


When making protein bars & energy balls you gotta put a little muscle in it! So go ahead and flex those guns. Luckily with our Protein Bar & Bite Mixes you don't need a food processor/ blender or all the clean up that typically goes along with recipes. It's more fun when there's only one bowl & fork to clean anyway!

Creation Nation Mixes are between 2 to 5g net carbs, but YOU control the sugars to suit your health & diet needs. Plus 12 to 16g organic protein & superfoods supports muscle building and recovery too.


Part of the DIY fun is getting to form your snacks into whatever size & shape that works best for YOUR diet & lifestyle. Balls Bars Bites... Shapes, Scoops, or Jars! We love rolling balls for their pop-able, snack-able serving size, but variety is the spice of life.

But first, put on your creative chef's hat (or mad scientists hat) and decide on an ingredient or two you want to add... With countless ways to customize our no-bake mixes, here are 3 inspirations:

1️⃣ Enjoy whatever's in your pantry. If you're a chocolate & peanut butter lover, add your favorite peanut butter to our chocolate protein bar mix, and voila! If you have bananas getting too ripe, they'll be delicious to make bars & balls with.

2️⃣ If you haven't tried our "Protein Bar Jar" recipes, they are the perfect way to test different add-ins in a single-serve fashion before committing to a full batch. Simply place a 1/2 cup of our No-bake Mix in a mason jar + a splash of 'milk' or any liquid + a spoon of your favorite Nut Butter... stir it up, and eat it like cookie dough! 

3️⃣ For creative inspo from friends, scroll our Instagram feed @foodcreationnation and Recipe Blog. Hundreds of recipes are shared here! Some of my personal favorite add-ins are:  Ghee, Cashew Butter, Sunflower Butter, Coffee or Mashed Bananas.

What are YOUR favorite additions? We always love it when you share your recipes. Afterall, it is Creation NATION. We hope you have a lot of fun creating fresh fitness-friendly snacks with us!  xo Karen

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